Dream. Act. Impact.

By Naomé is a Swiss luxury fashion brand which gives back all its benefits to Charity. Each collection is the result of a encounter between By Naomé, a renowned artist and a charity. The collections designed by contemporary artists are made from bio-ethical materials and are made in Switzerland. Each collection is based on the Arts created by the partner artist and is composed of two complementary ranges: Essential and Deluxe. Deluxe offers the promise of a personalized and rare t-shirt: only 100 t-shirts in the range are available worldwide, and each one is signed by the artist.

Our mission is strong and our vision is clear: through our actions, we want to have a real positive impact in the world. We want to act on what is essential. Constantly evolving, we live in a world in search of meaning. We therefore wanted to create an ambitious project that was in line with our values: respect, sharing and boldness.


Naomé's Dreamby-naome-naome-schenk-luxury-ethical-brand

Origin of the project: creative and daring, Naomé, 23, has always been an effective dreamer who wants to have a positive impact on the world around her. Passionate about fashion and luxury, she has been following trends for many years. She notes the growing concern of consumers of luxury goods about the meaning towards their shopping.

Naturally, the idea of creating this ambitious project came to her mind. An idea which makes sense: a high-end clothing brand totally eco-responsible in its manufacture but which in addition would give back all of its profits to charity. The project grows and evolves with the addition of an artistic dimension. To make her dream a reality, she consults renowned experts in the luxury, fashion and art industries.